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Andy Frazier is an author of children's stories. Occasionally he writes things for grown ups too but he finds this quite hard as he has never quite grown up himself. He has always wanted to write ever since he was a child and now he can't think of anything he would rather do. He gets his most enjoyment out of creating colourful characters and then bringing them to life in humorous situations.


Born into a life of farming, it took a long time and a lot of determination to get away from it, but he thinks he has just about achieved that now. Andy did quite a few things during his career, including agricultural contracting, retail sales, sheep breeding and IT before he somehow became a business analyst working in a city. Oh yes, and at one time he was an expert in grooming cows. It all made sense at the time.

One day, he had a eureka moment and upped sticks to South West France. He lived there for a while on a smallholding with his partner, some more sheep, some DIY tools and a set of golf clubs. When it all got too easy, he headed back to East Scotland where the sea is rougher and some folks even speak English. There he messes about with properties but he still writes stuff, whenever he can, some of which makes sense, but not much.
Currently Andy is involved in a large project, writing the History of Aberdeen Angus Cattle, which he is quite excited about. This large volume should be due out in 2017. He also has a new book in the pipeline, a true story about a bloke who built a plane in his house. 

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Latest news..

At last, after nearly 3 years, the History of Aberdeen Angus cattle has finally gone to the editors, with a publishing date now set for mid may 2016. 150,000 words and 1200 photos later, I won't deny it has been a long slog, but I am so glad I have done it. Soon it will be up to others to judge my work. There are bound to be a few discrepancies here and there but generally, I reckon it is as accurate as I can make it. Thanks to all those who have helped make it happen.

Andy is now a designated prizewinning author!
A recent entry into the Scottish Arts Club short story competition has been selected as a one of the six finalists, recieveing a signed copy of the judge, Alexander McCall Smith's latest novel. The story, entitled RALPH is about a man losing his dog and can be seen on his blog RALPH

Andy is currently involved in a couple of new projects, both of which are non-fiction.

Calling Papa-Charlie is a true story about a man called John Sharp who built a plane in his bedroom in a small house in Airdree, Scotland. With a deep obsession to fly, he put his family through much heartache to achieve his dream to fly. The draft was written for National Novel Writing Month in Nov 13, and is due to be completed in Spring 2014.
The actual plane now sits in Hangar 2 at the National Museum of Flight in East Lothian.

Andy has been comissioned to write the History of the Aberdeen Angus. From the halcyon days in the sixties where black cattle were a sound tax-loss investment and bulls regularly made £30,000 plus, through to the low point in the eighties when they were virtually a rare breed, eventually to today, where Angus beef is the world's leading brand.
This large volume is due out in 2015.

IN BED WITH COWS is a collection of stories from Andy's days as a freelance cattleman.
In this one, we hear of some of his hilarious exploits at the Royal shows, where alcohol and practical jokes were the order of the day, coupled with some of the highs and lows of this dubious career. From Royal telling’s off to the Australian outback, he claims that they are all true – certainly, you couldn’t possibly make some of them up!

Maybe this one is definately NOT suitable for the children...

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